Zoonotic Diseases

One Health Risk Messaging

This is NOT an example of One Health messagin

Working in collaboration with colleagues at Cornell, the National Park Service, and the Wildlife Conservation Society, this project investigates how to develop risk messages that that foster understanding of the linkages biodiversity, species conservation, and public health, often in the context of infectious or zoonotic disease, including rabies and Chronic Wasting Disease. Some of the research extends into examining these issues in the context of climate change. While showcasing the benefits of promoting the health of all species, a One Health approach draws attention to potential threats associated with human-animal interactions, including the transmission of zoonotic disease. As communication scholars, we know that unintended consequences of messages can and do occur, and one of the questions driving my research is whether some messages could result in boomerang effects, including decreased public support for species conservation.

Bats are suffering from White Nose Syndrome

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